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Barack Obama - Remarks On IG Audit Of The IRS (File, MP3)

9 thoughts on “ Barack Obama - Remarks On IG Audit Of The IRS (File, MP3)

  1. Gukasa says:
    May 07,  · These documents show the Obama IRS scandal was more than just suppressing the Tea Party, it was also about auditing critics of President Obama. Richard Nixon had to .
  2. Mijinn says:
    On May 14, the Inspector General's audit report was made public. President Obama released a statement saying, "The IRS must apply the law in a fair and impartial way, and its employees must act with utmost integrity. This report shows that some of its employees failed that test.
  3. Nigami says:
    May 16,  · Revelations of IRS wrongdoing surfaced on Friday and immediately prompted heavy criticism from both sides of the political divide. The Treasury Department inspector general's report concluded that the malfeasance had come from within the IRS, and not at the prompting of an outside agency. Still, calls came for the White House to take a tough stand.
  4. Shakale says:
    Mar 13,  · Reports that a tax audit revealed President Obama had stole millions from taxpayers started a fake news website. The story appeared at The Resistance: The Last Line of Defense under the headline, “ Obama Tax Audit Turns Up MILLIONS In Offshore Accounts Stolen From Taxpayers.” The report, which was quickly shared more than 10, times, begins.
  5. Voodoojar says:
    Nov 23,  · Barack Obama used the $, figure in his presidential campaign as a dividing line for what he deemed wealthy. division of the IRS, told the inspector general that personnel will.
  6. Tygor says:
    Oct 24,  · President Barack Obama discarded eight years of controversies surrounding his administration, including the targeting of conservative groups, veterans lacking health care, the administration’s.
  7. Nakasa says:
    May 13,  · WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama strongly condemned officials at the Internal Revenue Service for singling out conservative groups during the lead-up to the elections. In a press conference on Monday, Obama called the reports "outrageous" and intolerable, while saying he would reserve harsher judgment for when a fuller report on the.
  8. Kihn says:
    On Wednesday, March 5, Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration J. Russell George tesified before the House Appropriations Committee. As part of his exchange with lawmakers, Mr. George was asked about the tax implications of Obamacare. As reported by POLITICO's Rachael Bade: “It is unprecedented in recent history, the amount of responsibility the IRS is.
  9. Zuluzil says:
    The first year of Free File was , and for Intuit, things went well. On paper, the Free File Alliance was a collection of 17 companies, all of them vying to serve the American taxpayer.

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