Shadow In The Night (Maxi Version)

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  1. Nikogis says:
    Shadows in the Night is the 36th studio album by Bob Dylan, released by Columbia Records on February 3, The album consists of covers of traditional pop standards made famous by Frank Sinatra, chosen by Dylan. Speaking of his intention behind the album, Dylan stated: I don't see myself as covering these songs in any way.
  2. Ganos says:
    "Shadows of the Night" is a song composed by D.L. Byron explicitly for the film Times Square, which tells the story of two young runaways in New York City, but it did not make it into the movie and Byron's own record label rejected it, claiming the song "wasn't commercial enough.".
  3. Gukinos says:
    The single peaked at number 4 in the British charts, making it Oldfield's second-highest ranked single after " Portsmouth ", which reached number 3 in "Moonlight Shadow" was successful throughout Europe; it reached number 1 in many countries, including Italy, Austria, Switzerland for four weeks and Norway for six weeks.
  4. Nalar says:
    The German synthpop duo Two Of Us was named after a Beatles song. Both members were previously involved in the Hubert Kah project, Ulrich "James" Herter as a songwriter and Thomas "Stibbich" Dörr as a drummer. The band had an auspicious debut in , with the single "Blue Night Shadow" entering Top Ten in Germany and Switzerland, but subsequent singles failed to replicate its success.
  5. Dosho says:
    Maxi Music Records Spain placeholder Founded in by producer Juan Martinez, Spanish label Maxi Music Records is one of the world’s most successful independent Italo Disco record labels.
  6. Vishura says:
    Shadows of the Night (Extended Version) Lyrics. Refrain. Shadows of the night. They are coming when the moon is shining bright. Leave their graves as shadows of the night.
  7. Gomi says:
    Dawes Yearn For Home On New Song “St. Augustine At Night”: Stream. FINNEAS Shares New Version of “Let's Fall in Love for the Night ()”: Stream. Watch FINNTROLL's Animated Music Video For 'Forsen'. Jaye Jayle's 'Prisyn' Is a Dark Ride Into Electric Night. TikTok Threatens Legal Action After.

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