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Aludra I - Oophoi* And L.E.M. - Aludra (CDr)

3 thoughts on “ Aludra I - Oophoi* And L.E.M. - Aludra (CDr)

  1. Gozil says:
    More music songs Cygnus Planante Part 1, The Somnific Dance of Inanna Part 2, The Somnific Dance of Inanna Part 1, The Chamber of Dreams. More music songs Infinite Skies/The Final Voyage, Three Lights At the End of the World, Cygnus Planante Part 2, I Canti Di Babele, Aludra 2, Aquos Pt. 2.
  2. Yozshuktilar says:
    Eta Canis Majoris, abbreviated η CMa, is also named Aludra and is a star in the constellation of Canis Major. Aludra is a blue-white supergiant of spectral type B5Ia, with a luminosity , times and a diameter around 80 times that of Sol. The SCV MacArthur was attacked by a Chig Destroyer while transiting past Aludra in "Blood Alley", the starship navigational channel to VY Canis Magoris.
  3. Malak says:
    The Christian name Aludra is Arabic in origin and means Virgin As a first name, and usually given to a Female. If you would like to contribute some more information on the Arabic name Aludra or if you intend to use the name for your new born baby then please let us know. and Contact Us Here This section is currently being updated, please select.

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